Dental Technologies That Will Transform Dental Healthcare Provision

Technology has helped change dentistry by introducing solutions to many challenges ailing the industry and this has long been a force that has helped to sustain many processes. But with the advancement of the technological landscape has also come improvement in the solutions offered in service delivery for dental patients.… Continue reading

Luke Weil Reviews Potential Future Role of Social Entrepreneurship

With social entrepreneurs such as Luke Weil, Blake Mycoskie and so many others highlighting the degree of social good that can be accomplished through entrepreneurship, it is increasingly becoming the case that the private sector will soon be able to supplement many of the responsibilities traditionally handled solely by the… Continue reading

Randi Glazer Reviews Benefits of a Client-Focused Approach to Business

As an experienced underwriter who has spent countless years working in a variety of capacities within the underwriting industry, Randi Glazer has developed an approach she feels confident can be easily applied to businesses regardless of the particular industry in which they happen to operate. In the opinion of Glazer,… Continue reading

Reviewing the Value of Preventive Maintenance Strategies

As a reviewer of many things, I find myself intrigued by the way many reviewers — professional or otherwise — approach a review. While most reviewers take the time to thoughtfully outline the positive, negative and even the neutral aspects of the subject they are reviewing, many fail to recognize… Continue reading

Slaske Builders Review—Here’s What I Think Of Them

Recently, I’ve written a review of a beautiful, well built home constructed by the talented team of Slaske Builders and here is part 2 of that review. I’d mostly like to talk about Slaske Builders as a company this time rather than their awesome craftsmanship and handiwork. Slaske Builders has… Continue reading