Terry Bandy Shares 7 Ways a Data Scientist Can Increase Your Business’s Revenue

Terry Bandy

It is true to say that modern businesses have a lot of data. If you use this data correctly, it can be a valuable resource for any company. As time goes by, people slowly appreciate the fact that proper processing and analysis of data is where the jackpot lies. Here is where a data scientist comes into the picture. A data scientist is someone who can manage large sets of data by using mathematical and statistical techniques. The results acquired convert the data your business has into viable assets. In this article, we will discuss ways in which a data scientist can increase your business’s revenue.

1. Monetize your data. 

A company like Facebook monetizes all the data it collects from people who are registered. You can also do the same for your business. What happens here is that corporate data convert to currency. Such analysis will help you increase the revenue of your business.

2. Reduce your company’s risks. 

Data scientists have a significant role in analyzing the patterns clients adopt. Once the scientists discover trends that favor your competitors, they can advise you on how to react proactively. An excellent example of winning back clients is by offering better deals or discounts. On the other hand, data scientists also assess data from other businesses that you consider partnering. Doing this ensures that you reduce all risks. For example, the scientist you employ may get information from third-party companies regarding the payment patterns of the business you are willing to partner. From this, you will be able to get a clear picture of the creditworthiness of the company in question. The perfect example of a scientist who has a passion for numbers is Terry Bandy. His level of experience can aid your business a long way.

3. Understand your clients better. 

Customer behaviors vary from time to time. Therefore, keeping up with these changes is difficult without using qualified and efficient data scientists. A good scientist will be able to look at the actions of your customer base and uncover everything to improve your business instantly.

4. You will be able to get the ideal talent for your business. 

For your business to make money, you need to have an efficient workforce. Most companies put in hours going through CVs. Due to data science, this is changing. Information from social media, job search websites and corporate databases about available talent can be of help. What a data science specialist does is that he goes through all that data to find candidates that best suit your business’s needs. The recruitment process no longer has to be a tiresome process that does not guarantee success. You might end up hiring people who are not good enough for the job. Therefore, making use of data science assures you of a faster recruitment process with right choices.

5. A data science expert helps you Identify your target audience. 

In your business, everything from your website visitors to your social media profiles contains useful data that can help you select your target audience. From there, you can be able to reach them effectively. The knowledge you get will help you deliver what your clients want. As a result, your profit margins will increase.

6. In case you have plans of making your business bigger, you can get proper help.

With a data science expert, you will be able to discover new markets for your products and services. Your advertising campaign might be doing great, but a data science expert can tell you the kind of new clients acquired from a specific initiative so that you can make necessary changes in your future campaigns. You can use data science to find out latest trends in the market and how to use them to make a profit immediately.

7. Making decisions and testing them. 

Once you find a qualified scientist, he will be able to collect your company’s data, analyze it, and finally help you make money making decisions. Once the implement your decisions, you have to know how they affect your business. Getting someone who can calculate the key metrics related to any changes made and be able to quantify their success is very important to any business. Making changes to business and ensuring there is someone to monitor the effects of those changes will add value to your business.


According to Terry Bandy, the future of data science is very bright, which is a great thing for businesses. Finding an efficient and reliable data science expert is challenging, but essential. Data science is crucial because it adds values to all aspects of your business. Therefore, go back to your drawing board and figure out how a data science expert can fit into your business and bring positive change.

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